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I will always be a student, and not just due to a current or future enrolled status in a training or another graduate program. The pursuit of knowledge is partly what drove many of us to medicine. 


Fine-tuning language skills will be a lifelong process. Even in our native languages, we will continue learning novel ways of describing the mundane. Sometimes we'll even call it poetry. 

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Last Updated: 03/12/2022


The following are websites whose educational missions I found inspiring. Check them out: 

Other Tips for Improving Spanish

  • Change the audio or subtitles to Spanish for your favorite TV show reruns or movies.  

  • Challenge yourself to read your favorite books in Spanish. 

  • Listen to Spanish radio stations. Warning: they may use slang which may not translate well to clinical settings. 

  • Shazam any of the songs you end up enjoying, print out the lyrics and find the translations. 

  • When you doubt your pronunciation, look for dictionary search engines in the target language and use the audio feature.

  • Have your Spanish-speaking friends only communicate with you in Spanish.

  • Jot down interesting new Spanish words, sayings or jokes.

  • Learn about the history of common Spanish idioms to build cultural humility. 


  • Duolingo

  • Canopy Speak

  • 24 Hours Spanish (disclaimer speaker has accent from Spain)


Books in my collection that I found useful, along with outside links for purchase:

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